Reno Sales Department

Janice Canisso
Sales/Commodity Specialist
I was born many years ago in Merced, Calif. My father was a sweet potato and watermelon farmer in Livingston, CA. I attended Atwater High School, in Atwater, CA, after college and started a career as a Registered Dental Assistant and worked in that field for 15 years. In 1972, I married my husband Alvan. We have 2 beautiful daughters, Amy and Carrie. Amy has blessed us with 2 precious grandchildren, Bo and Charlotte. We raised our children on our family farm in Livingston, Calif. where my husband farmed sweet potatoes, wine grapes, watermelons, and almonds. In 1983 I left the world of dentistry and went to work at our family farm Canisso Produce. We contracted Lindemann Produce to market our sweet potatoes. This is when I was introduced to the hectic pace of produce sales and guess what... I loved it!! Eventually in 1984 I started working in the sales office of Lindemann Produce in Los Banos. I sold melons, Sweet potatoes, and occasionally lettuce. I worked primarily with foodservice accounts, and processor—loved the foodservice business. In November 1993 George Lindemann decided to move the sales office and accounting staff to Reno, Nevada (tax reasons). This was a hard move for my family. We left our family farm and started a new life in Reno and we love it here. After working 16 years at LPI I decided to move on and join forces with Custom Produce in 1999. I had sold Ted melons for many years and I respected this company and what they stood for—foodservice. My mission in this business has always been to do my best to SERVICE and TAKE CARE of my #l accounts, which I am very possessive of. When I retire or DIE, I want to be remembered throughout the trade as a caring individual!!
Lorena Luna
Sales/Commodity Specialist
My name is Lorena Luna, I was born and raised in Los Banos, California. I graduated from Los Banos High School in 1990, and went onto Merced College. However, in 1991 things changed. I was approached with the opportunity to join the produce industry. In July of 1991, I joined the sales office of Lindemann Produce. Boy was I in for a big surprise, not knowing what to expect in a produce sales office! As I walked in and heard all the phones ringing and everyone shouting back and forth I thought to myself, what did I get myself into. I started out entering orders, working with the inventory, and assisted with the translations of our growers from Mexico and Central America. In March of 1992 I got married, and was blessed with our first son, Andres. I was also given the sole responsibility of working with the growers from Mexico and Central America. In November of 1993 I was asked to move with Lindemann Produce to Reno, Nevada. My husband, son, and I decided to make the move and see what this venture would bring us. In October of 1996 I was blessed once again, I had my second son, Adrian. It was very difficult at first, not having any family close by, but all of us in the sales office became a family. One very important person of that sales office that became my second mother and grandmother to my kids, was Janice Canisso. I was very fortunate to have met her. I learned many different avenues at Lindemann. I became a liaison between the growers and the salespeople, I did export sales, and sales assistant. In September of 2000 I left Lindemann Produce and joined the Health Insurance Department of Saint Mary’s Health Plans. However, coming from the produce side and going 150 miles an hour, the health insurance was just not enough for me. Believe it or not, I missed the produce world. So in March of 2001 I joined Custom Produce Sales. I have learned and grown on the sales desk. I have met and made wonderful friends. One important tool that I have learned in this business is taking care of the customer first.