What makes us different?

Custom Produce is your premier food service produce consolidator.

With facilities located in the major produce shipping areas throughout California, Arizona, and Florida; we are poised with our experienced commodity specialists to keep you up to date with timely market information and trends, critical in making informative purchases. Our diverse abilities provide the service that our customers want-volume buying power, quality assurance, specialty packs, product staging, product range, food safety tracking, and the list goes on; all this at “one stop”!

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Market Watch

Grapes! Grapes! Grapes!

California Grapes peak of the harvest.
We are in the peak of freshness and harvest on California Grapes
Thompson, Pristine, Autumn King and a several other varieties of
Green Grapes are now available. On Red Seedless, Scarlet Royals,
Sweet Celebration, Crimson and others...

California Stone fruit season

California Stone fruit season coming to the end.
Peaches will continue for the next few weeks but volume will decrease as more growers
Are finishing for the season, mostly large tray packs few volume fill 56 and larger.

There will be a few white peaches left to harvest sizing...

Chilean Kiwi

We will be receiving Chilean Kiwi this week with more arriving.
Sizing is reported to be mostly large fruit coming from Chile,
but we have food service sizes 39 and 36's available. Please call for promotional pricing.