What makes us different?

Custom Produce is your premier food service produce consolidator.

With facilities located in the major produce shipping areas throughout California, Arizona, and Florida; we are poised with our experienced commodity specialists to keep you up to date with timely market information and trends, critical in making informative purchases. Our diverse abilities provide the service that our customers want-volume buying power, quality assurance, specialty packs, product staging, product range, food safety tracking, and the list goes on; all this at “one stop”!

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Market Watch

Chilean Tree Fruit

Chilean Tree Fruit update
Prices and supplies are finally starting to stabilize. Yellow Peaches and Nectarines mostly large 2-layer, very little VF with more availability in Nectarines than peaches. White Peaches and White Nectarines are available in limited supplies mostly 2-layers. Plums...

Mango Supplies

Mango supplies have tightening up, with the Peru import season finishing and the first flush of Mexican Red mangos harvested leaving small volume left to pick until the next areas and next major crop set to be harvested there will be about a two weeks short supply situation that will make things...

Custom Produce Sales Solar Install

Custom Produce Sales - Solar installation

Custom Produce Sales (CPS) has installed a 750 kilowatt, 2460 panel
solar array. The project was completed in August 2014, and is currently supplementing power needs to our cold storage and office.

Cenergy Power was the Solar...